Granite Golden Canyn

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Granite Golden Canyn

Granite Golden Canyn is a natural stone in the light brown range, soft brown, which has a golden hue. Mined in India, this exotic stone is suitable for your interior and exterior. With an extremely delicate color that is easy to combine and a good polished surface makes it a good choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Golden Canyon is suitable for making steps, flooring, window sills, column cladding, fireplaces, as well as making all kinds of design projects for your home. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor use.

Golden Canyon granite has a polished surface, but can be made thermo, antique and leather finish

Origin: India
Treatment type: Polished, Thermo, Antique, Leather finish

Available sizes:

SLABS Polished 280/70/2
TILES Polished They are cut to the customer’s size
TILES Thermo According to customer specification
Polished 130/32/2
Thermo 130/32/2