The history of granite Stone Group dates back to 1992 years.

The main activity of the company is cutting, polishing, cutting and installation of natural stone products:

  • granite,
  • limestone,
  • marble,
  • travertine
  • onyx.

Our company has many years of experience in the overall performance of commercial, residential and administrative projects with natural stone materials.

We are a direct importer of Chinese and Indian granite, as well as a manufacturer of limestone. We offer competitive prices, technical advice, specific deadlines for execution and correct business relationships.

The materials with which the company works are of different origins:

Тhe limestone we offer is of Bulgarian origin from the region of Vratsa (Vrachanski limestone).

Granite and Onyx originated in China, India and Iran.

The marble and the travertine we offer originate from Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Macedonia.

The company offers the production of natural stone products, including:

  • Steps,
  • exterior and interior slabs,
  • window sills,
  • terrace hats,
  • countertops for kitchens and bathrooms,
  • pedestals,
  • finishes and many others.

The treatments on the surface of the stone are varied depending on the requirements of the client-polishing,

  • grinding,
  • filling,
  • thermolution,
  • buchardizing,
  • processing type "antique", etc.

International activities

Granite Stone Group is an established supplier of  Vratsa`s limestone for the EU. We have machinery and equipment and we are proud of the production foe export of thin products from different types of selections Vratsa`s limestone with different thicknesses and different types of surface treatment: Antique, Polished , Bucharda.

For our partners working with natural stone we offer various outsourcing services (tolling):

cutting of blocks;

Polishing of slabs with and without resin topping;

Grinding of slabs and plates; Filling and polishing of travertine with resin, etc.

Why Choose us? 

  • Qualitative material meeting the European criteria.
  • Large quantities and a diverse assortment of Chinese granites.
  • A wide variety of blocks of marbles, travertine and limestone.
  • Specific deadlines for implementation.
  •  Correct business relationships.
  •  Quality installation.



Granite Stone Group has professional equipment for  cutting and polishing of marble:

  • 50 knife-cutter for the "SIMEC"
  • 20 blades for arrays

Full equipment "BRETON"/200 L. M. Line/For processing of the tiles marble, travertine and technical stone including:

  • Machine for calibration
  • Machine filling
  • Machine for drying
  • Machine for polishing
  • Machine for cutting-cross and longitudinal kit serving robots
  • Machine for calibration of slabs
  • Machine for polishing plates
  • Two pieces polishing machines for profiles


Where to find us? 

Our production base and worehouse is located in the town of  Blagoevgrad , we also have warehouse in Sofia. For more information  visit the Contacts section.